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Return-It Launches New Express & GO Passcode and One-Time PIN System

We are launching ‘Express & GO Passcode’ and ‘one-time PIN’ to add an extra layer of security and better protect your information.

Starting Jan 31, 2023, the door access requirements at our Express & GO stations will change. Your 6 digit Express & GO door PIN will be replaced by a NEW Express & GO Passcode. To find your Express & GO Passcode, you will need to log in to your express account at and scroll down to your PROFILE section to find your unique Express & GO Passcode.

Once you have your Express & GO Passcode, text it to 778-400-5253 to receive your one-time Express & GO PIN, key in it to open the door and voila, you are ready to drop off your beverage containers.

One-time passcodes are a robust way to add an extra layer of security to our Express & GO stations. Each Express & GO station is also equipped with CCTV and an alarm system.

Note: Donors will still use your organization’s registered phone number to print bag labels at the label stand but will need to use their personal/unique Express & GO passcode to receive the one-time PIN, which will allow them to access the Express & GO station and drop off tagged bags.

So, when asking individuals to donate their proceeds to your organization's account, make sure to share your organization's phone number with them.

Thank you for recycling by using Return-It Express & GO!

Questions about this blog post? Please contact us at or 1-855-350-2345 for more information.