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Wrap Up the Holidays Responsibly: What to do With Old Electronics in BC

The holiday season is a time of gift-giving. As we unwrap new gadgets and upgrade our devices, it's important to consider the environmental impact of our electronic consumption. Here are some tips to keep in mind when receiving new electronics this holiday season and what to do with electronics you no longer need.

Recycling at Return-It Electronics Locations

As you get your new electronics this holiday season, you might wonder what to do with the old ones. If you have obsolete electronics that can no longer be used or donated, consider recycling them at Return-It Electronics.

In British Columbia, the Return-It Electronics program, on behalf of EPRA BC, provides a convenient and eco-friendly solution for recycling your old devices.

These specialized drop-off locations are designed to handle various types of electronic waste, from old smartphones to outdated laptops. By bringing your devices to a Return-It Electronics location, you ensure that they are recycled in an environmentally responsible manner, preventing toxic materials from entering landfills. What’s more, the recovered materials can then be put back into the manufacturing supply chain and used to make new products.

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Donating to BC Technology for Learning Society

If you have electronics that still can be used, consider donating them to organizations like the BC Technology for Learning Society. This non-profit organization aims to bridge the digital divide by refurbishing and redistributing donated electronics to schools, libraries, and community groups. Your old laptop or tablet could find a new home and serve an educational purpose, making a positive impact on someone's life.

E-Waste Collection Events

Keep an eye out for local e-waste collection events in your community. These events are often organized by municipalities, environmental groups, or businesses looking to promote responsible electronics recycling. Participating in these events provides a centralized and accessible location for disposing of your old gadgets.

Data Security

Before recycling any electronic device, it's crucial to ensure that your personal data is securely wiped. Resetting your device to factory settings or using specialized software can help protect your privacy.

Reducing E-Waste This Holiday Season

By handling your holiday electronics waste responsibly, you contribute to a more sustainable future. Whether through dedicated programs like Return-It Electronics, donations to non-profit organizations, or participation in local e-waste events, every effort counts. Make this holiday season a time of joy and giving and a time to give back to our beautiful province.

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