On-The-Go Beverage Container Recycling Bins

Promote beverage container recycling in public spaces & eliminate litter in your community

Municipality & Streetscape
Commercial Venues
Events & Residential Buildings

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In British Columbia, we recycle over 1 billion beverage containers every year - but we can do more!

Convenience is the primary driver for the recycling of empty beverage containers. This is why having recycling bins available to people who are on-the-go around the city, in parks, or at festivals and events is critical. Recycling isn't always easy for people when they are out and about and not near a Return-It location.

Return-It has developed a program to provide new beverage container recycling bins to districts, municipalities, commercial venues, and other groups in BC at no charge for permanent or temporary placement in high-density, high-foot traffic areas.

Why place dedicated beverage container recycling bins in your public space?

  • Eliminate Litter & Waste

    Our research has consistently shown that a lack of available recycling bins is one of the top contributors to BC residents trashing or littering their beverage containers while they’re on the go. Keep public spaces clean and eliminate excess litter by placing beverage container recycling bins in high-traffic areas.

  • Champion Environmental Stewardship

    When beverage containers get recycled, they are diverted from landfills, oceans, and waterways here in beautiful BC. Providing visible and accessible beverage container recycling bins in public spaces lets your community know you are a leader in environmental stewardship.

  • Fundraise & Give Back

    When beverage containers are collected in dedicated bins, they can be returned for their deposit refund, creating a fundraising opportunity! Many organizations that provide beverage container recycling bins to their community use the deposit refunds from the containers they collect to support a local charity, school, or other groups.

Let's get started on your bin placement project!

Get in touch with us so we can provide bins that meet your community’s needs. Return-It can also provide educational messaging on the containers as well as specific additional awareness components within communities where bins are placed.

We have a variety of bins available that work well in different types of public spaces. Here are some examples of our bin types and their placement:

  • Municipality & Streetscape

    Permanent bins for regional districts, municipalities, or other streetscape spaces are placed in high-traffic pedestrian areas or busy city parks, where recycling options are limited. These durable bins are non-locking and accessible to anyone who wants to collect the containers and return them to the local Return-It location.

  • Commercial Venues

    Dedicated beverage container bins for venues and large events (where high volumes of beverages are often consumed) provide guests and attendees with convenient drop-off points for their containers – and the peace of mind that their beverage containers will be properly recycled. We've partnered with industry leaders like the PNE, BC Place, Rogers Arena, Nat Bailey Stadium and UBC for bin placements.

  • Parks

    Bear-proof beverage container bins for parks reduce the ecological impact of visitors and residents enjoying BC’s beautiful green spaces. Eliminating litter and remaining wildlife-safe, permanent bear-proof bins are an excellent option for both urban parks with animal inhabitants and remote destinations that attract nature-loving tourists.

  • Events & Residential Buildings

    Temporary, collapsible bins for events and residential recycling rooms can be easily assembled and disassembled and can be used with standard-sized recycling bag liners. Lightweight and easy to transport, these practical bins are perfect for fundraisers and have been used at countless outdoor and indoor events as well as in residential recycling rooms, schools and office buildings.

To learn more and inquire about receiving beverage container recycling bins to place in your community, email us at binprogram@returnit.ca