On-The-Go Beverage Container Recycling Bins

Currently in British Columbia, we recycling about 1 billion beverage containers each year, however large quantities of empty beverage containers are still thrown into the trash, when they could be recycled. This is partially due to the lack of recycling bins, available to people who are on the go, around and in the city or at festivals and events. Recycling isn't always easy for people when they are out-and-about and not near a Return-It Depot.

Recycling your beverage container matters – each year recycling beverage containers, in British Columbia, saves enough energy to power 42,000 homes, takes the equivalent of 28,000 cars off the road, and reduces 94,000 tonnes of Co2 equivalent being released into the air.

Return-It Park and Streetscape Bins

We have been supplying municipalities and BC parks with dedicated beverage container recycling bins to help get these beverage containers to the depot and out of the trash.

The bins are provided free of charge to municipalities based on a formula that calculates the ratio of bins to residents that maximizes use. They are placed in high traffic pedestrian areas or busy city parks, where recycling options are limited. The bins are non-locking and accessible to anyone that wants to collect the containers and return them to the local depot.

Program Success

Based on audits conducted by local municipalities we know that the bins have a very high success rate. In fact some of the audits have shown that up to 99% of the beverage containers have been successfully diverted from the trash. Surveys of the public have also shown that the Return-It Outdoors bins are a welcome addition to the the communities recycling program.

Bins for Festivals, Events and Venues

We've been supplying organizers, venues and large events with dedicated beverage container bins for public use. We've partnered with industry leaders like the PNE, BC Place, Rogers Arena and UBC to make sure people can have a place to drop off their beverage containers and know that they will be properly recycled.

All together, Return-It has supplied over 1,000 dedicated beverage containers for use in parks, municipalities and at major venues in British Columbia