Return-It & PNE Collaboration

Return-It partnered with the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) to take sustainability to new heights at Playland, the PNE's renowned amusement park.

As part of this exciting partnership, Return-It launched a brand new "Roll-a-Ball" game, where Playland guests can race their favourite Return-It Gang character to the depot. The winner of the race will earn their very own character to take home — a unique opportunity never before offered outside of Return-It Express.

PNE & Return-It "Roll-a-Ball Game"

Winning your favourite character has never been easier! The game is easy to play, and anyone can enter for a chance to win their favourite Return-It character.

To play the game, every player throws a ball into one of the lanes. There are three lanes available: slow, fast and faster. The Return-It Gang character will go slower or faster depending on which lane your ball reaches. The first racer who reaches the end wins a prize.

This game requires a minimum of two racers per race, and you can trade up for larger prizes.

Roll-a-Ball Prizes

The winner will have the opportunity to choose from 10 Return-It Gang characters: Walter Bottel, OJ Carton, Joyce Box, Pete Bottel, Sarah Cask, Milk Jugger, Juicenda Pouch, Milkey Bouteille, Al Capican and Gabe El Carton.

The characters are available in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. If 2-3 racers compete, the winner will have the opportunity to choose a small prize, while playing with 4-6 racers gives a chance to win a medium prize and 7-10 racers a large prize.

See below for a sneak peek at some of the character prizes.

Roll-a-Ball Game Assets

As part of our partnership with PNE, we have also developed a banner with Return-It recycling tips, new PNE bin labels and directional signages.

Return-It Recycling Message

Do you know how to properly recycle straws that come with your drink boxes and pouches? Or how to return your bag-in-a-box container for the deposit refund?

To raise awareness on how to properly recycle beverage containers, we created a fun Return-It recycling banner to be hung at the Return-It game booth.

See below for the creative. Do you know all of the tips?

Directional Signage

To direct our visitors to the bins where they can recycle their empty beverage containers, we also created 60 additional directional signages. Each signage will be placed on the white poles beside each beverage recycling bin in the park.

New PNE Bin Labels

Once you are at the bin to recycle your empty beverage container, you will spot our new PNE beverage recycling bin labels.

The updated labels now showcase more Return-It Gang characters and include milk containers that were added to the deposit system last year.