Who We Are

What is Encorp Pacific (Canada)?

Encorp Pacific (Canada) is a federally incorporated, not-for-profit, product stewardship corporation with beverage container management as our core business. Our mandate is to develop, manage and improve systems to recover used packaging and end-of-life products from consumers and ensure that they are properly recycled and not land-filled or incinerated.  This model is commonly referred to as Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) or Industry Product Stewardship (IPS).

Encorp is committed to establishing  good governance and best practices appropriate to an organization of our type. Our Board of Directors consists of representatives of the beverage and retail grocery industries as well as directors who have no connection with either industry. A unique feature of Encorp’s governance is the existence of an Advisory Committee which ensures that the Board hears from stakeholders such as local governments, environmental groups and small brand owners.

As a not-for-profit corporation Encorp does not pay dividends to the company’s owners but does strive for a prudent level of financial reserves to be used to fund the operations of the company when market conditions require.

Encorp operates on the basis of several key principles:

  • To develop and operate a system which provides consumer-friendly and cost-effective service throughout the province
  • To manage the system efficiently so as to have the lowest impact on consumer shelf prices
  • To run a cost-based system in which each product type pays its own expenses with no cross-subsidization from other products or companies
  • To divert used products from landfill and incineration
  • To maximize the value of the recovered commodities
  • To treat all brand owners equitably