Large Volume Generators

For organizations who recycle large quantities of unwanted electronics.

The collection of unwanted electronics in the province of British Columbia is handled through a network of over 157 permanent collection sites throughout the province.

It is realized that there are larger organizations who will need to be handled in different means than the regular consumer.

Handling Through Collection Sites

While these locations will be handling a large amount of products, our Return-It Electronics Collection Sites are designed to handle consumer product returns in smaller quantities.

These services will be free of charge to customers provided that they drop off their unwanted electronics products to our collection sites.

Handling for Large Volume Generators

For larger organizations, Encorp Pacific (Canada) and Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) provides pick up services.

Costs of Program

There is no cost for this recycling service to large volume generator organizations provided that they meet the sorting and packaging requirements as specified below.

Large Volume Generator Pick Up Request Form

If you are a large volume generator and you qualify with the pallet pick up minimums by region (as suggested in the enclosed link) then download this form to schedule a pick up with Encorp Pacific.