Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get the transparent (blue or clear) bags for the Express system?

The Express system was designed for your convenience. The bags simply need to be “Blue Recycling Bags” or transparent bags. These bags can be purchased at almost any grocery, drug store or hardware outlet. Glad, Western Family, Life, Safeway, No Name, HDX all will work with the Express system.  If the bag is blue or transparent and properly closed, simply tag it and drop it off at an Express location.

How do my containers get counted?

The Express system uses bar code reading technology to track and record your bags throughout the counting and payment solution. Your containers are counted and a full and detailed receipt will be available online in your account to ensure you received credit for your bag contents.

What containers can I place in the bag?

Any beverage container which a deposit was paid in BC is eligible for the Express program. US purchased containers, out of province containers as well as containers without labels, identification or the ability to recognize are not eligible for a refund.

How do I use the Express system?

First, you need to create an online account. From your smartphone, tablet, laptop or any computer, log on to Complete the registration and you are immediately eligible to use the system. Bring your bagged containers to your nearest Express depot. Enter your phone number as indicated on your registration page. Select the number of bags you are dropping off and print tags. Tag each bag with a label and then drop the bags in the designated Express drop off area.

How do I get paid?

Once your bags are counted, log into your online account where you will see the record for the entire contents of the bag you dropped off as well as the value of deposit refund. Save it up or spend it immediately that is up to you. The Express system allows you to redeem the deposit value by either Interac e-Transfer or a cheque.

How long will it take to get my account credited?

The Express system is designed to update your account balance within 5 business days of dropping off your containers at an Express depot.

How do I deposit money received from Interac e-Transfer?

For detailed instructions on how to accept your deposit refund through Interac e-Transfer click here.

What if my account was not credited for the amount  I thought I dropped off?

There are many reasons why your account may be credited less than what you anticipated. The Express technology uses bar coding and scanning to count and credit customer accounts. At times, there can be US containers, non-deposit containers or containers that unfortunately do not have a label that we can't properly assess a deposit refund. Also be aware that if you dropped off multiple bags, they may have been processed at different times. If you did drop off multiple bags, and your transaction credit is well short of what you dropped off, then please wait a few days to see if the balance of your containers are counted and credited accordingly before contacting Encorp.

What is a "Non-Conformant" container?

"Non-Conforming/Non-Deposit Bearing" containers are empty beverage containers which did not have deposits paid on them at the time of sale, and consequently do not qualify for the return of a deposit, or containers which are damaged to the point they cannot be confirmed as deposit bearing. Examples include: US containers; containers without labels; and damaged containers (crushed cans).

Why do you need my email and phone number?

Your email and phone number are the most critical pieces of information for the Express system. Your phone number is the link to your account at the drop-off point in the depot as well as the online application. It tells the Express system who to credit the deposit to. Your email is used to verify and send e-Transfer payment notifications, cheque redemption notices and system information.

Can I label my bags at home?

The Express system is conveniently designed to save you time. To save even more time, when you are at the depot, simply print out a few extra bag labels and take them home with you. When your bag(s) is full, place the label on the bag(s) and drop off at your convenience. No need to stop at the kiosk. This will expedite your transaction.

Can I get cash from the depot from my account?

The Express system is not accessible by the depot owners, staff or operators. They do not have the ability to access your account and provide cash payments. If cash at the depot is important to you, then we recommend you continue using the standard procedure and sort your containers at the depot and receive the cash deposit refund.

What If I disagree with your count?

The Express system is designed to accurately tally and record containers and is deemed to be the final and deciding count. If you constantly find that you are in disagreement, please contact us at or 1-855-350-2345 and we work with you to try to have it resolved Encorp works diligently and leverages the newest technologies to ensure accuracy in our counting systems and effectiveness of the Express System.

Who do I contact when I have a problem?

For all questions and concerns, you can contact our help desk. The depot operators, employees are unable to assist or provide your account information. Please contact Encorp directly at 1-855-350-2345 if you are experiencing problems which have not been answered in the FAQ’s.