Express & GO Stations

Express & GO

Express & GO revolutionizes the recycling experience with solar-powered drop-off stations. With extended hours and contactless service, recycling your beverage containers has never been easier. Simply bring your unsorted containers in transparent plastic bags to the Express & GO station — we’ll sort and count your containers for you and credit your refund to your online account.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up for a free Return-It Express account
  2. Print your labels at the bag label kiosk. Bag label kiosks are located at nearby locations like coffee shops or grocery stores
  3. Place your unsorted containers in a transparent plastic bag and tag your bags, one tag per bag
  4. At the Express and GO station, open the door using your unique PIN, drop off your bags, and GO!
  5. We'll sort and count your containers and credit your Express account with your deposit refund

For deposit refund and recycling fees on each container type visit

Express & GO locations

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