Your Recent Visit & Understanding Your Return

Not sure what the next steps are after you’ve dropped off your Express bag(s)  ? Want to understand your recent return? Here’s everything you need to know about the details of your recent return:

  • Once you have dropped off your Express bag(s) at the depot, they will be counted, and your deposit refund will be credited to your Return-It Express account within 10 business days.
    • Sometimes returns containing multiple bags may be credited to your account over the course of the 10 business days.
    • If you are still waiting for bags after 10 business days, let our Customer Relations team know at or 1-855-350-2345.

  • Once your account has been credited, you can sign in to review the details of your return including a breakdown of the container types included in your bag.
    • We’ll include one notification in your account showing how many bags were credited and a breakdown of their contents and another notification showing the dollar amount that was credited to your account balance for these bags.
    • All containers that are registered in the Return-It system are eligible for a 10-cent deposit refund.
    • Alcohol beverage containers registered with Encorp Pacific's Return-It system are guaranteed to receive a full deposit refund at all locations. To understand which beverage containers are managed by Encorp Pacific, please see our Registered Brands Database.

      Refillable beer bottles and some aluminum alcohol containers are not managed by Encorp Pacific and are the responsibility of BC Brewers Recycled Container Council (BRCCC) and are covered under BRCCC’s Stewardship Plan.

      Return-It sites that are not licensed by BRCCC may still accept these containers, but you may only receive a partial deposit refund. Please check with each Return-It site to understand what BRCCC materials and products are accepted there and the refund you can expect to receive.

  • To redeem your account balance, you can do so by requesting an Interac e-transfer or by requesting a mailed cheque. The minimum amount you can request for an Interac e-transfer is $10 and the minimum amount you can request for a mailed cheque is $50. Interac e-transfers will be sent through your account email address and cheques will be mailed to your account mailing address.
  • To learn more on how to request an Interac e-transfer or cheque, please visit our “Accessing and Navigating your Account” section!

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