Beverage Products

Deposits, Fees, & Container Types

Learn about which containers can be returned and recycling fees. 

Deposit Values

Deposits are charged when products are purchased in British Columbia. They are returned in full when you bring back the empty container for recycling.

These deposits are set through government legislation. Click here for the B.C. Government's page on Beverage Container Regulation.

Container Recycling Fee (CRF)

At the time of purchase, Encorp charges a variable fee that covers the net cost of recycling that container.

Return-It is not paid for by tax dollars, nor is it funded by government. It's paid for by all of us - consumers, retailers, beverage manufacturers and Encorp.

The Container Recycling Fee (CRF) is the fee Encorp charges to cover the net cost of recycling a beverage container type after any unredeemed deposits and commodity revenues for that container type have been used. The CRF varies for each beverage container category. As a not-for-profit, product stewardship agency, Encorp Pacific only charges the net cost for recovering and recycling beverage containers. The CRF reflects the current economic conditions of the drop in commodity prices and beverage volumes.

Leave the caps on your containers

When returning your beverage containers, leave the caps to ensure small plastic pieces are recycled.

Beverage containers with our without caps are accepted at the depot, but whenever you can, leave the caps on or put them in your Express bag to ensure small plastic pieces are recycled.

Alcohol containers and pricing

Beer cans, standard brown beer bottles, and some clear refillable alcohol containers are excluded from the Return-It system.

These containers are handled through a different stewardship program managed by Brewers Distributor Ltd.

All Return-It depots will accept these containers, but they may not refund the full deposit amount. Please check with each individual depot location to find out much refund they provide.

Returning additional recyclables

Find out where to recycle products other than beverage containers and electronics.

Shared information about all of British Columbia's stewardship agencies may be found at at Alternatively, download our BC Recyclepedia Smart Phone App for IPhone and Android.