Container Recycling Fee (CRF)

The Container Recycling Fee (CRF) is the fee Encorp charges to cover the net cost of recycling a beverage container. CRFs have been in place for beverage containers in British Columbia for more than 18 years. The CRF varies for each beverage container category. Within the recycling system, the costs associated with handling each type of container may fluctuate from year to year. In addition, changes in commodity prices affect the amount of revenue Encorp can generate through the sale of materials like aluminum and plastic recovered from containers.

As a not-for-profit, product stewardship agency, Encorp Pacific only charges the net cost for recovering and recycling beverage containers after any unredeemed deposits and commodity revenues for that container type have been used.

All CRF's are reviewed annually to ensure that the appropriate fees are charged. The CRF reflects the current economic conditions including commodity prices and beverage container volumes.

These changes are necessary and a part of our ongoing commitment to ensure that the recycling system is operating efficiently and in a manner that enables us to increase the number of containers that are prevented from going to landfill and incineration.

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