Participants and Sellers

Major household appliances have been regulated under the British Columbia Recycling Regulation. Under this Regulation the "producers" of major household appliances (typically first sellers, including manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers etc.) are obligated to have an approved stewardship plan, appoint an agency with an approved stewardship plan or comply with Part 3 of the Regulation in order to sell or distribute major household appliances in British Columbia.

Joining MARR to Comply with the BC Recycling Regulation

If your company is obligated under the BC Recycling Regulation, registering as a participant of MARR and appointing MARR as your "agent" by August 1, 2013 enables your business to comply with these requirements. Registration with MARR is also available to companies in the supply chain who are upstream or downstream from the legally obligated party in BC.

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