Return-It Gang Collectibles

Return-It Gang

Return-it Gang is back!
Starting July 19th

  • Walter Bottel
  • Joyce Box
  • Pete Bottel
  • 'OJ' Carton

The Return-It Gang is back as limited-edition plush characters you can collect by using Return-It Express!

Starting July 19th, 2021, return your beverage containers with Return-It Express to collect all 5 Return-It Gang plush characters!

How to collect them all:

The Return-It Gang plush character promotion is exclusive to Return-It Express users*1

  1. Return your beverage containers at any  Return-It Express location or Express & GO station
  2. Receive 1 point for each beverage container returned through the Return-It Express System
  3. Accumulate points and redeem them for Return-It Gang plush characters through your Express account dashboard

Don't have an Express account?

Follow these simple steps and start collecting points!

  1. Sign up for a Return-It Express account here.
  2. Bring your unsorted containers in sealed, clear plastic bags to an Express Depot. Find a location near you here
  3. Use the phone number you registered with to log in at an Express Kiosk.
  4. Print your labels, label your bags, and leave them with us.
  5. We'll sort and count the containers and your Express Account will be credited with your deposit refund. You can redeem your account balance by Interac e-Transfer or a mailed cheque.

Recycle!The Return-It Gang plush characters are limited edition promotional toys and will be available while supplies last, so start collecting today!


How do I collect points?

Simply return your beverage containers at any Return-It Express location or Express & GO station. Receive one point for each container returned.

How do I redeem my points?

Once you have accumulated enough points, log onto your Express account dashboard, click on "Redeem Puppets" and redeem your points for your preferred character. Please remember you need to visit a Return-It Express location a minimum of 2 times for each plush character redemption!

Does it cost money?

No, the Return-It Gang plush promotion is free. Your points collected are not linked to your account balance

How long does it take for my puppet to be delivered?

Shipping times may vary based on your location. It can take up to 20 business days for you to receive your puppet after redeeming it.

When can I start accumulating points?

Starting July 19, 2021, every eligible beverage container returned will count as a point towards the Return-It Gang plush.

Who is eligible to participate in the promotion?

The promotion is available for all Personal Express Accounts.

Are the Return-It Gang plush characters recyclable?

The Express Plush Promotion characters are recyclable at any Return-It depot with our electronics and textiles recycling programs. Since the Return-It Gang puppets joined our team, we’ve had many requests to turn them into plush toys. This promotion creates an incentive to increase recycling in BC.

For all details about the promotion please visit Plush Terms & Conditions

*1 Return-It Gang plush promotion is only available for Personal Express accounts