Express Promotions

Return-It Gang

Starting July 1st
Using Express could earn you Return-It Gang plush characters!

  • Walter Bottel
  • Joyce Box
  • Pete Bottel
  • 'OJ' Carton
  • Al Capican

Return your containers to an Express Depot and start collecting the Return-It Plush Characters


  1. Sign up for a free Express account at
  2. Bring your tagged bags with containers to an Express Depot.
  3. In addition to the deposit refund, you will receive 1 Plush Promotion credit for every qualifying container returned.
  4. Accumulate enough credits and redeem for Plush Characters

Recycle!Every container you return brings you closer to being eligible to get a Return-It Gang plush character.

For all details about the promotion please visit Plush Terms & Conditions