Annual Audit Information

As a registered producer with Encorp Pacific (Canada), you are required to provide a verification of container unit sales into the province of British Columbia on an annual basis.

To ensure the Regulatory compliance by all brand owners and to reduce the compliance cost, Encorp has implemented a new sales verification process. The sales verification process requires completion of specified procedures and a Declaration of compliance by each registered brand owner.

The report on specified procedures has to be completed by an external auditor, internal auditor, or senior officer of the company depending on the unit sales volume. The following table provides the level of required compliance:

Annual Unit Volume Minimum Verification Methodology
> 10,000,000 External Auditor
> 5,000,000 but < 10,000,000 External Auditor or Internal Auditor
< 5,000,000 External Auditor or Internal Auditor or Senior Officer

The reports have to be submitted to Encorp Pacific (Canada) directly by the assurance provider and include the following:

  1. Schedule A - Schedule of Units Charges and Returns
  2. Schedule B - Report on Specified Procedures
  3. Appendix 1 - Specified Audit Procedures on Sales Verification Schedule
  4. Schedule C - Declaration of Compliance

Please follow the link to obtain a package specific to your company annual volume: