Over-the-Counter Returns

Over-the-counter returning is the traditional method for returning your empty beverage containers for deposit refund. When you return your beverage containers over-the-counter at a Return-It depot location, you receive your refund in cash right away.

To return over-the-counter, follow these simple steps:

  1. Bring your refundable beverage containers to any Return-It Depot location - you can transport your containers in boxes, bags, or whatever method you prefer! Beverage containers that are part of the Return-It system include soft drinks, juice, water, wine, coolers, spirits, etc. More information can be found at Deposits, Recycling Fees, & Container Types.
  2. Use a provided cart to transport your containers to an available sorting station inside the depot
  3. Using provided trays, sort all of your containers by container type (i.e. one tray for aluminum cans, one tray for plastic bottles, etc)
  4. Bring your trays of sorted containers to the depot cashier to be counted
  5. Receive your deposit refunds in cash!

It's that easy!

Want to return without sorting, counting, or handling cash? Check out Return-It Express!