Glass Bottle

Everyday glass juice and non-alcohol beverage bottles. (Glass alcohol bottles such as wine, spirits, imported beer and coolers carry different deposit levels.)

Size CRF Fee Deposit / Refund
0 – 1L 15¢ 10¢
Over 1L 15¢ 10¢

How to Recycle Glass Bottles

When recycling your glass bottles, ensure that they are fully empty, and do not crush or flatten them. Put the caps back on when returning your glass bottles, as they can be recycled alongside the bottles. Also remember to keep the label on so that we can confirm the type of glass bottle. Bring your glass bottles along with your other ready-to-drink beverage containers to a Return-It depot to get your refund. 

Glass bottles containing non-alcoholic beverages can be recycled at all depots, including ExpressExpress & GO, and Express Plus locations.  

To find a depot near you to recycle your glass bottles, visit

Glass Bottle Deposit Refund

In BC, a deposit is charged for each ready-to-drink beverage container that is purchased. This deposit is returned in full when you bring back the empty container for recycling. Glass bottles are issued a 10-cent refund along with the other accepted beverage containers part of the Return-It system. 

For a full listing of all containers that can be returned to a Return-It Depot visit  

How to Obtain Your Refund

If you sign up for Express, you can put all your empty containers inside clear, transparent bags (no larger than 90L in capacity). Simply bring the bag(s) to an Express location near you, label them, and drop them off. The funds will be issued to your Express account within 10 business days. To redeem the funds, you will need to log in to your Express account. 

If you are using over-the-counter depots to return your containers, you will receive your refund in cash at the time of return. 


Ceramic beverage containers, such as those used for certain alcohol drinks are not included in the Return-It system meaning a deposit is not charged at the time of purchase and they can not be returned to a Return-It facility for deposit refund or recycling.

What Happens to Recycled Glass Bottles

Of all the glass bottles sold in BC, 93% are returned. These bottles are ground down into small pieces called "cullet" and used in the manufacturing of a variety of things such as fibreglass insulation, sandblasting material and even sand for golf-course sandtraps. Ground glass can also be added to asphalt in the making of new roads.