Express for Fundraisers, Groups or Businesses

Planning a fundraiser or bottle drive? Asking your community to donate their beverage containers to your cause is easier than ever with Return-It Express!

If there is a Return-It Express location convenient to your community or if your organization has donors across the province, create an Express group account to make it even easier for your community to collect and donate beverage containers. With an Express account, you can:

  • Skip the work of sorting and counting – put all your beverage containers in clear recyclable plastic bags of up to 90-litre capacity and drop them at an Express window for the depot to process, record, and credit containers to your online account
  • Make donating to your bottle drive easier – just share your registered phone number with your community and they can donate their beverage containers to your group at any Express location in BC year-round
  • Easily track your progress – it’s easy to view how many beverage containers your group has collected via your online Express account

It’s easy to sign up for Express as a group or business online. Once your account is set up with your organization’s phone number, you’re ready to start fundraising.

Sign up for Express

Ready to get started?

Here are some tips to best utilize Return-It Express for your next bottle drive and community fundraiser:

» Spread the word – share Express information with your community

With Return-It Express, when you give your community the phone number connected to your organization’s Express account, they can easily donate their beverage containers at any Express location. We recommend sharing information about your fundraiser on social media and other communication channels. Let your community know all they need to do to donate is:

1. Bag their refundable containers 

Express users are required to put their beverage containers into sealed clear or transparent bags (90 litres in capacity) – then they’re ready to take to any Express location.  Bags are available for purchase at almost any grocery store, dollar store, drug store, or hardware store. Brands like Glad, Western Family, Life, Safeway, No Name, and HDX all work with the Express system.

2. Tag their bags

Donors need to tag each bag of containers with one of your organization’s Express bag labels. They can either use Express bag labels you have provided them, or print bag labels instantly at any Express location by entering your organization’s phone number into the Express label stand (tip: they can even print off extra labels to make their next drop-off even faster!)

3. Drop off bags at an Express location

Once their bags are tagged, donors can drop them off at the Express drop-off area at any Return-It Express location. Consumers can drop off a maximum of six bags of refundable beverage containers per visit (for large drop-offs, we recommend checking with your Express location in advance).

4. Donation accepted!

When the depot counts their containers, they will be recorded and refunded to your organization’s Express account. You can then redeem your account balance by Interac e-Transfer or a mailed cheque – it’s that easy!

» Express & GO? Donors will need personal Express & GO Passcodes

Express & GO stations are automated, unstaffed Express locations that require unique one-time Express & GO PINs for entry. Donors will need to use their personal/unique Express & GO passcode to receive the one-time PIN, which will allow them to access the Express & GO station and drop off tagged bags.  

Please note: donors will still use your organization’s registered phone number to print bag labels at the label stand. So, when asking individuals to donate their proceeds to your organization's account, make sure to share your organization's phone number with them.

We want to hear about your fundraiser!

If you’re holding a fundraiser using Return-It Express, tag us in social posts mentioning your organization’s fundraiser and phone number and we’ll share and promote it on our social media channels.

Tag us on Twitter @Return_It, Facebook @Return-It or Instagram @return_it.

Express locations

Your community can find their nearest Express locations online at

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