Express & GO PIN

We have incorporated new security measures to add an extra layer of security and better protect your information.

Ready to drop off your containers at the Express & GO station?

  1. Print the labels and tag your bags

    To print the label, enter your registered Return-It account phone number. Print the number of labels you need and tag each bag before dropping off the beverages.

  2. Find your unique Express & Go Passcode

    To find your Express & GO Passcode, log in to your express account at

    Scroll down to your PROFILE section and find your Express & GO Passcode.

  3. Text your Express & Go Passcode to 778-400-5253

    Tip: Save 778-400-5253 in your Contacts for quicker access the next time you drop off your bags.

  4. Receive your one-time PIN to open the door

    Tip: The one-time PIN will time out after three minutes. If you have not completed your transaction or if you need more time, text 778-400-5253 to get another one-time PIN.

  5. To open the door, touch the keypad with your finger or the back of your hand to activate it

  6. Key in your Express & GO one-time PIN

    Key in one-time passcode

    To open the door, key in your one-time PIN, open the door and drop off your bags. We'll sort and count your containers and credit your Express account with your deposit refund in 10 business days.

    Thanks for recycling!

    General questions/using the Express system

    How do I open an Express & GO door?

    Starting Jan 31, 2023, the door access requirements at our Express & GO stations will change. Your Express & GO door Pin will be replaced by a NEW Express & GO Passcode. To receive your one-time door pin you will need to text your Express & GO Passcode (found on your Return-It Express account) to 778-400-5253.

    Why are you changing to a one-time passcode?

    One-time passcodes add an extra layer of security to our Express & GO stations. Each Express & GO station is also equipped with CCTV and an alarm system.

    Will my old Express & GO pin still work?

    No. Any Express & GO pin you used to open the Express & GO station doors prior to January 31, 2023, will no longer open the station doors.

    Where do I find my Express & GO passcode?

    Your Express & GO passcode is available on your Return-It Express dashboard under the “profile” section:

    What phone number do I text to receive a one-time PIN?
    To receive your one-time PIN, text your Express & GO passcode to 778-400-5253. We recommend saving this phone number to your contacts for future visits.
    Can I access the Express & GO station if I don’t have a cellphone?
    No, you will need a cellphone to receive your one-time passcode by text message.
    What is the difference between an Express & GO passcode and a one-time pin?
    Your Express & GO passcode is used to generate as many one-time PINs as needed and will not change. Whereas your one-time PIN is used to open the doors and is only valid for two minutes. Each time you visit an Express & GO station you will use your passcode to generate a new one-time PIN.
    How long will my one-time PIN code be valid?
    One-time PIN codes are valid for three minutes. If you have a larger drop off you may need to generate additional one-time PINs.
    What happens if my one-time pin does not work?

    If your one-time pin is not working, please check that you are using the most recent PIN in your text messages and that you received it less than two minutes ago. If your one-time pin is older than two minutes, please request a new one.

    If you are still having trouble accessing the station, please contact our Customer Relations team at 1855-350-2345.

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