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EPRA Aid Cache Creek Flooding Recovery Efforts

The Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA), with Return-It’s support, is assisting with the clean-up efforts in Cache Creek in the aftermath of devastating flooding. This collaborative effort will provide essential support for the cleanup and recovery process in the affected area.

Aerial photo of the flooding in Cache Creek/via Scharfenberg Clan Facebook

Cache Creek, British Columbia, experienced severe flooding in late April, leading to evacuation orders and significant damage to homes and businesses. In response to this crisis, EPRA, Canada’s leader in end-of-life electronics recycling, is stepping up to help the community in their time of need.

The focus of these efforts will be on a local 60-room motel, which suffered extensive damage due to the flooding. EPRA and Return-It will work together to collect, and responsibly recycle electronic devices such as televisions and phones, from the motel. By recycling these materials, the collaboration aims to minimize environmental impact while contributing to the restoration of the affected community.

This partnership between EPRA and Return-It highlights the importance of collective action in addressing environmental challenges and supporting communities in times of crisis. By combining EPRA's leadership in electronics recycling with Return-It's commitment to fostering a world where nothing is waste, this collaboration not only aids the recovery of Cache Creek but also exemplifies the power of working together for a greener, more resilient future.

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