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Tips for an Eco-Friendly Holiday & Ways to Reduce Waste in Our Communities

The holiday season is a time of joy, togetherness, and generosity. However, as we gather with friends and family to celebrate, it's essential to keep in mind the impact our festivities can have on the environment.

Let’s embrace a sustainable holiday that helps reduce waste in our landfills and minimizes our ecological footprint.

In this article, we will explore some tips and tricks for a green celebration, with a focus on recycling beverages and reducing waste in our communities. Keep on reading to learn more!

Tips for an Eco-Friendly Holiday

From recycling beverage containers at Return-It locations to embracing eco-friendly packaging and hosting zero-waste gatherings, there are simple yet impactful ways to create a sustainable celebration.

Recycling Beverages and Getting Your Deposits Back

One significant contributor to holiday waste is the consumption of beverages, especially those packaged in containers that can be recycled. But there is a solution - consider setting up a designated recycling bin at your holiday gatherings and encourage your guests to use it for their empty beverage containers.

You can DIY a bin and put some festive decorations on it to encourage your guests to recycle their beverage containers or simply use one of your recycling bins. If you are hosting a very large event, you can also contact us and see what

Once you collect those empty beverage containers, bring them back to a Return-It location near you. Each eligible beverage container will get you a 10-cent deposit refund. So, by collecting and returning these items, you not only contribute to recycling efforts but also get a little something back for your efforts.

Find a location near you today at

Choose Eco-Friendly Packaging

When planning your holiday festivities, be mindful of the packaging you use for decorations and gifts. Opt for materials that are easily recyclable or, even better, choose reusable items that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Host a Zero-Waste Celebration

Challenge yourself to host a zero-waste holiday celebration by implementing practices such as using reusable plates, cutlery, and cloth napkins. If disposable items are necessary, choose compostable alternatives to reduce landfill waste.

Ways to Reduce Waste in Our Communities

Extend your commitment to sustainability beyond your own celebrations by signing up for the Return-It school program or getting a recycling bin for your community to facilitate the recycling of beverage containers.

Sign up For the Return-It School Program

Are you a parent, a teacher or a school who wants to contribute to recycling in your community? Consider registering for our Return-It school program.

As part of the school program, you can receive free recycling bins and get access to resources to assist with your beverage recycling program, including fundraising and bottle drive tips and many more perks.

Learn more about our program at

Install a Recycling Bin in Your Community

Want to go even further and help with recycling in one of your local parks or a high-traffic pedestrian area? As part of the Return-It bin program, we offer free recycling bins that can be placed in municipalities to help consumers recycle on the go.

The municipality & streetscape bins are non-locking and accessible to anyone who wants to collect the containers and return them to the local Return-It location.

Visit to learn more about getting a bin for your community.

Making This Holiday Season Green

As we celebrate the holiday season, let's remember that our choices can make a positive impact on the environment. We can create a joyful and green holiday season by embracing sustainable practices, from recycling beverages and reducing waste to signing up for recycling programs. Together, let's make this season a time of celebration and sustainability.

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