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Return-It joins the Canada Plastics Pact

Return-It is proud to join the Canada Plastics Pact (CPP) to address plastic pollution with innovative solutions. The CPP launched on January 27, 2021 as part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's Plastics Pact Network, joining nine other Plastics Pacts in Europe, Africa, North America and Latin America. The Pact unites businesses, government and non-governmental organizations across Canada’s plastics value chain to reduce plastic waste.

The CPP provides a platform for stakeholders in the plastics value chain to collaborate and drive innovative solutions towards a circular economy for plastics and a zero waste future. This work will build on and scale existing efforts to reduce plastic waste and ultimately change how plastics are designed, used and reused.

Being a partner of the Canada Plastics Pact is very much aligned with our commitment to foster a world where nothing is waste. In 2019, Return-It made a Global Commitment through the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to help eliminate plastic pollution at the source and joining CPP is a natural evolution of our drive and commitment," said Allen Langdon, President & CEO of Return-It. "We have been leading BC’s beverage container management program for over 26 years and focused on collaborating with like-minded organizations and being at the forefront of providing innovative solutions. It is important that we continue to have these essential conversations and work together to ensure plastic never becomes waste."

The Pact brings together key organizations to collectively work towards ambitious 2025 goals that they could never achieve on their own. In line with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s vision of a circular economy for plastic, the CPP facilitates innovation and knowledge sharing, and drives collaborative action and solutions tailored to Canada’s unique needs and challenges. The CPP vision is to create the circular plastics economy of the future for packaging, in which plastics never become waste, by:

  • Eliminating unnecessary or problematic plastic packaging,
  • Innovating so the plastic we do need can be safely reused, recycled, or composted, and
  • Circulating all the plastic items we use to keep them in the economy and out of the environment.

We are excited to be part of this innovative Pact and are looking forward to working with a diverse group of over 35 like-minded partners.

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