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Help us get habitual trashers

and on-the-go discarders too.


In order to better understand how we can reach our target of 100% container recovery, we’ve conducted research to identify the profile and the attitudes of people who don’t recycle as much as they should. That research identified two groups who could be doing better:

Habitual Trashers are younger men who usually throw containers away rather than recycle them. They comprise of only 18% of BC’s population, but they account for 49% of all containers thrown away, making them the heaviest discarders in the province. In general, they don’t believe recycling is convenient for them. They’re also not convinced it makes a difference.

On-The-Go Discarders are older singles, couples or empty nesters who usually recycle, but when they’re out and about, they tend to throw containers away. It’s not that they don’t understand the benefits of recycling—they just don’t feel they have the time when they are busy doing other things. Their lifestyles take them out and about quite often and the empty refundable containers they throw out can really add up.

Encorp consistently reaches out to all Habitual Trashers and On-The-Go Discarders, to remind them they can make the difference and we all need them to make a little extra effort and ensure their beverage containers are recycled and not thrown in the garbage.

Doing so helps all of us: not only does recycling save precious landfill space; it saves energy and resources, and creates jobs.


Looking to recycle your containers?  There are a number of options. First is your local Return-It Depot: our network of 173 depots accepts a wide variety of recyclables, including juice cartons and juice boxes. If you’re short on time, try our new Return-It Express kiosks—simply drop off your used beverage containers and we’ll take care of the rest. Residents in select urban centres can look for dedicated Return-It recycling bins for refundables. There are over 900 of them installed right beside garbage cans in high-traffic locations across BC. Where necessary the bins are bear-proof for safety.  in addition, although limited to the type they sell all major grocery stores and liquor stores will accept refundable containers.


So the next time you drink a beverage, don’t throw the container out. Instead, save ‘em up and bring ‘em in. Follow the Return-It Gang on social media—and ask your friends and family to do the same. Every container you bring to your local Return-It depot makes a tremendous difference to our economy and to our environment. And that benefits us all.


Aluminum cans, glass bottles, plastic containers—BC residents are pretty good at recycling most beverage containers. But when it comes to juice cartons and juice boxes, there’s still room for Improvement.

In fact, of all gable top juice cartons sold in BC about 28% are simply thrown in the garbage and about 48% of juice boxes are also thrown out.

And that’s a shame, because for every ton of paper pulp recycled from these juice cartons, juice boxes, and similar polycoat containers, we can save almost 17 trees.

So the next time you’re drinking from a juice carton or juice box, make sure to bring it back to a Return-It Depot. It will go a long way to achieving BC's recycling goals.

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