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BC’s best electronics recycling program keeps getting better.

Since 2007, Return-It Electronics has provided British Columbians with safe and environmentally responsible ways to reuse or recycle old, obsolete, broken and unwanted electronics devices.

Today, we recycle more than 3 million electronics devices every year in BC, and over the past 12 years we’ve worked together with British Columbians to recycle more than 214,000 tonnes of old electronics. Keeping metals, plastics and other valuable resources out of landfills, and putting the recovered materials back into the manufacturing supply chain.

We’re Making it Easier Than Ever to Protect the Environment

For more than a decade we’ve been working together to make it easier and more convenient for people to drop off their old devices for recycling. The program has grown from only a few depots, in 2007, to now more than 265 authorized collection sites found in communities spread all across BC.

The number of categories of eligible devices that are accepted has grown since the program inception. A decade ago we could only accept computers and monitors, printers, fax machines and televisions, but today British Columbians can recycle 17 different categories of electronic devices including cell phones, video games, home entertainment devices, medical devices, musical instruments and more.

Give New Life to Your Old Electronics

More than 75% of British Columbians are already aware that they can safely and responsibly recycle their old electronics, whether through drop off locations like their local Return-It Electronics depots, or during one of our regular electronics drop-off events in communities across the province. Last year alone we recycled about 4kg of electronics, per person, for every person in BC.

We’re also working hard to spread the word about other responsible uses for old electronics, by connecting businesses that would prefer to have their reusable electronics refurbished – rather than recycled – through organizations like the BC Technology for Learning Society. This helps give new life to old electronics by supporting the Computers for Schools program in BC, and by helping British Columbians to give away electronics items to a BC-based refurbisher qualified under the comprehensive standards of the Electronics Reuse & Refurbishing Program.

In addition to protecting the environment through the programs listed above, Return-It Electronics is also dedicated to helping protect the privacy and data of British Columbians, by providing easy, practical advice about on safely and securely wipe devices and memory cards before getting rid of them. This information – and more – is available on the Electronics page of this website.

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