Electronics Drop-Off Events

Find an electronics drop-off event in your area and get rid of all your acceptable unwanted electronics free of charge.

Acceptable Products

encp_icon_elec_desktop-pc_74pxw.png Desktop Computers + Accessories
encp_icon_elec_portable-pc_74pxw.png Portable Computers + Accessories
encp_icon_elec_displays_74pxw.png Display Products + Accessories
encp_icon_elec_print-scan_74pxw.png Printing, Scanning + Multifunction Devices
encp_icon_elec_audio_74pxw.png Audio Products + Accessories
Video Products + Accessories
Video Gaming Systems + Accessories
encp_icon_elec_phone-answ_74pxw.png Cellular, Telephones + Answering Machines
encp_icon_elec_toys_84pxw.png E-toys
encp_icon_elec_musical_66pxw.png Electronic Musical Instruments
encp_icon_elec_it-telecom_74pxw.png IT + Telecom Devices
encp_icon_elec_medical_68pxw.png Medical Monitoring + Control Devices
encp_icon_elec_vehicle-av_74pxw.png Aftermarket Vehicle Electronic Products
encp_icon_elec-theatre_74pxw.png All-in-one Home Theatre Systems

For a more detailed list, please click here.

Tentative Drop-Off Events

More information coming soon.

Should you have any questions, please contact Chris at ccampbell@returnit.ca

Past Drop-Off Events

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