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Return-It Teams Up with the Ocean Ambassador Canada

We are excited to announce that we are supporting the Ocean Ambassadors program and connecting it with the Return-It School Program.  This spring, through Return-It School, we'll be helping to send some students to the Ocean Ambassador program that may not have the means to attend the program otherwise.

Through the  Ocean Ambassadors program students in Metro Vancouver have a unique opportunity to learn about plastics and the problem of plastics in the ocean through several short activities and a 20-minute video. The program then moves to the water where the kids in grades 5-8 get to experience the Ocean Camp.  The Ocean Camp is a four-hour session that will be spent outside—on the beach and on the water. Classes are divided into two groups: one group paddles while the other participates in the workshop. Students eat lunch in between sessions, then switch.

For the workshop portion, two large, 10’ x 20’ enclosed tents with space heaters will be set up to ensure participants are warm. Students learn more about the problem of plastics in our ocean and create a plan of action for reducing plastic use that they can implement at home, at school or more widely they will have a basic understanding of the issue.

The programs goal is simple: "Connecting People with the Ocean". Plastic garbage is killing our oceans—harming fish, birds, whales and entire marine food webs. For most of us this damage is far away and invisible.

Ocean Ambassadors is turning the tide of marine pollution by getting participants into the ocean, educating them about the threat of plastics, and empowering them to make real change and that is something that we're excited to be a part of.

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