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The Back-to-School Season: New Electronics and Responsible Recycling

As we usher in a new school year, Canadians take the time to prepare for the return to school season and buy new items while also decluttering their stations to make spaces for new buys.

Did you know that almost two–thirds of Canadians (66%) make a dedicated trip to buy Back to School items? This includes buying stationery, clothing, books, and sports equipment.

What’s more, in today's digital age, purchasing new electronics has also become an essential part of preparing for the academic year. But what drives this need for new gadgets, and how can we ensure responsible disposal of our old electronics? Let’s dive in.

Electronics is the No.4 Spending Category for Going Back to School

According to National Consumer Research – Caddle & RCC, 18.2% of those surveyed planned to spend money on new personal or home electronics.

As students return to their studies, they often need devices that can handle the demands of modern education. Newer laptops, tablets, and smartphones are equipped with faster processors and better graphics, making multitasking and resource-heavy applications smoother.

Many students also require specialized tools for their courses, such as graphic design, engineering, or music production software. Finally, newer devices ensure compatibility with the latest software versions, reducing the risk of technical glitches during lectures or study sessions.

But what happens to old gadgets and what to do when you no longer need that old electronic device?

Responsible Recycling of Old Electronics

While upgrading to new electronics can be exciting, it's crucial to dispose of your old gadgets responsibly to minimize environmental impact. Here are some tips on how to do that:

Data Security

Before parting with your old device, ensure that all personal data is wiped clean. Use a reputable data erasure tool or consult the manufacturer’s website or electronics owner’s manual on how to erase sensitive data.


If your old electronics are still in good working condition, consider donating them to a local school, university, or charity. For example, you can donate to an organization like BC Technology for Learning Society, which delivers the Government of Canada’s Computers for Schools Plus program.

Return-It Electronics Recycling Program

If your old electronics are no longer in use, recycle them for free through the Return-It Electronics recycling program. Just drop them off at an approved collection site to ensure they are recycled properly, and no hazardous material ends up in our landfills. By brining your old electronic devices to Return-It Electronics you help recover and recycle valuable resources that can be put back into the manufacturing supply chain. Find a location near you today at

Reduce Electronic Waste This Back-to-School Season Responsibly

The back-to-school season's quest for new electronics is driven by the need for better performance, compatibility with modern software, enhanced features, and improved durability. However, it's equally important to consider the responsible disposal of old electronics.

By following our recycling tips, you can contribute to reducing e-waste and its harmful effects on the environment while ensuring your personal data remains secure.

Make this back-to-school season not only a time for new beginnings but also a time for sustainable choices.

Thank you for recycling!

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