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2021 Annual Report

Our 2021 Annual Report has been released, and we are pleased to share it with you. Every year, we publish an annual report as a point of accountability for our stewardship targets and expectations.

Encorp Pacific (Canada) is the not-for-profit stewardship agency appointed to fulfill the requirements of the Recycling Regulation, Schedule 1, Beverage Container Product Category (BC Reg. 449/2004). The Encorp Stewardship Plan includes all ready-to-drink beverage containers sold in British Columbia as identified under Schedule 1 of the Recycling Regulation, such as aluminum cans, plastic, glass, bi-metal, drink boxes, gable tops, milk and plant-based beverages, bag-in-a-box and stand-up pouches, as well as refillable bottles on behalf of appointed producers.

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A Brief Summary

Here is a brief summary of what we accomplished in 2021.

Recovery Rate

Our 2021 recovery rate was 75.9%. Over 1 billion containers were collected!

Collection System, Facilities & Consumer Access

With a collection network of 163 Return-It Depots, 9 Express & GO stations and 2 Express Plus locations, 99.3% of B.C.’s population has access to a beverage container return facility.

Consumer Awareness

Consumer awareness campaigns with strategic action plans and activities resulted in a net consumer awareness level of 99%.

Environmental Impact Reduction

Encorp’s activities in 2021 contributed to the reduction of about 110.2 thousand tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) being released into the atmosphere, compared to 105.5 thousand tonnes in 2020.


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