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Return-It & PNE Partner to Elevate Beverage Container Recycling to New Heights

Return-It is pleased to announce an enhanced partnership with the PNE to help take recycling and sustainability efforts to new heights at the PNE and Playland. This year, Return-It is providing recycling training for PNE seasonal staff, updated educational recycling signs across the fairgrounds and promoting a Return-It themed midway game to teach kids and adults about recycling.

As the largest employer of youth in B.C. and an attractive venue for young people to visit, the PNE plays a role in helping to shape future recycling habits. Through this partnership, the PNE and Playland staff will receive training to actively promote and support recycling initiatives as part of a shared commitment to empower youth to become recycling role models.

"We are thrilled to join forces with the PNE to bring sustainability to the forefront of the visitor experience,” said Cindy Coutts, President and CEO of Return-It. “This partnership aligns with our mission to foster a world where nothing is waste. We know that convenience is key to encouraging the recycling of empty beverage containers, so by making recycling bins readily available and recognizable throughout the park and educating both staff and visitors, we are empowering them to actively participate in creating a cleaner and more sustainable community."

Playland and the PNE have long been a destination for thrill-seekers, attracting over 380,000 visitors annually, which makes it a perfect venue to inspire responsible recycling practices. As part of the enhanced partnership, Return-It has refreshed and updated signage for the 220 dedicated on-site beverage container recycling bins throughout the park, making it easier for guests to conveniently recycle their empty beverage containers. These stations will again be managed by hundreds of trained binners hired to help guests put waste in the proper place.

“The PNE is pleased to partner with Return-It on this initiative, which will enhance our existing recycling infrastructure at Playland and help to further increase our site-wide diversion rate of 78 per cent,” said PNE President and CEO Shelley Frost. “As one of the best-attended family and youth attractions in the province, giving opportunities to support and promote environmental stewardship aligns with our core organizational values.”

Also, as part of this collaboration, Return-It has introduced a fun and educational "Roll-a-Ball" game located at the Playland midway where guests can race their favourite Return-It Gang character to the depot. The winner of the race will earn their very own plush Return-It character, recognizable from the Return-It commercials. This is a unique opportunity to win your own Return-It character outside of the Return-It Express system.

“I am delighted to see Return-It’s partnership with the PNE. I think we are all understanding more and more about our personal environmental impacts and how we can work together to reduce waste,” said Honourable Niki Sharma, Attorney General and MLA for Vancouver-Hastings. “This is an important effort to promote environmental sustainability, and a fun way to teach kids about recycling and taking care of the environment.”

Return-It and PNE’s continued partnership embodies a shared commitment to environmental stewardship, driving sustainable change through collaboration. With a focus on recycling education, staff training, and conveniently located recycling station, the partnership is expected to inspire employees and guests to embrace a greener future and make a difference in their communities.

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