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What’s the Difference Between Return-It Express, Express & GO and Express Plus?

Have you ever googled the differences between Return-It Express, Express & GO and Express Plus? Or maybe scratched your head and wondered which Express service is best to use to return beverage containers and get your deposit back? Or, maybe you don’t know how to register for it?

If that’s the case, we’ve got your back.

Express is an easy way to return your beverage containers. However, with the abundance of services, there can be some confusion and questions about the best ways of returning your beverage containers.

So which service should you choose? What are the ultimate differences between Return-It Express, Express & GO and Express Plus?

Keep on reading to learn everything you need to know about three Express ways to return your beverage containers for a refund.

What is Return-It Express?

Before we dive into all the nitty-gritty details, let’s first cover what Return-It Express is.

In a nutshell, Return-It Express is a way to return your beverage containers for a refund without spending time counting and sorting your containers. You just bag them and drop them off at select Return-It Express locations.

If you have been with Return-It for a while, you are no stranger to sorts, getting your hands sticky and counting all of your containers.

With Express, those times are over. Return-It literally does everything for you. We will sort and count your beverage containers, deposit your refund into your Return-It Express account, and you are free to leave once you drop your bags over the Express window.

All you need to do is register for Express, and you are ready to make some change off your ready-to-drink beverage containers the next time you are at the Return-It Express location. And the best part? Express is free!

Return-It Express Locations: Express & GO vs Express Plus

Now that you are more familiar with Return-It Express let’s shed some light on the differences between Express & GO and Express Plus.

While these two Express location types both offer Express and can be used to return your beverage containers, they have some differences worth outlining.

Let’s dive into them.

Express & GO

The Return-It Express & GO locations are repurposed shipping containers powered by solar panels with extended hours for busy bees and contactless service.

They are part of the Express system, meaning you just bring your unsorted containers in transparent plastic bags to the Express & GO station, use your unique PIN code to open the door and Return-It takes it from there. Convenient, right?

As of today, we have opened 12 Express & Go locations in BC. You can find the containers waiting for your beverage containers in various regions of BC, ranging from the Lower Mainland to the sunny Okanagan Valley.

To locate the Return-It Express & GO nearest you, visit Return-It Express & GO locations.

Express Plus

The Return-It Express Plus locations are managed by Encorp Pacific (Canada)/Return-It themselves to ensure top-notch customer service, easy drop offs and an enjoyable recycling experience. They also don’t have sorting or cash on site. You just bring your containers back and get a refund in 10 business days on all those beverage deposits you paid for.

As of today, Return-It has opened two Express Plus locations in the Lower Mainland, with Return-It Express Plus Lo-Lo at Lower Lonsdale in North Vancouver and Return-It Express Plus in Yaletown.

If you are looking for a way to avoid counting and sorting your containers, all you have to do is to bag them, bring them down to the Express Plus location, log into your account at the kiosk, print a label and stick it on the bag, and drop it over the window. Easy!

Bonus point: Return-It Express Plus Lo-Lo allows you to recycle your small household items, ranging from electronics and small appliances to batteries. So don’t forget to grab them on your way there as well!

Return-It Express, Express & GO and Express Plus - Now You Know the Difference

As you have discovered, Return-It Express is a way to return your beverage containers for a refund without spending time counting and sorting your containers, while Express & GO and Express Plus are two types of actual locations where you can go to return your containers.

Whether you visit Return Express & GO or Express Plus, you can forget about sorting, line-ups and handling cash. Just drop off beverage containers using your phone number or unique PIN, and you are good to go!

Visit Return-It Express for more information on Express and how to register for the program.

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