Milk Container Recycling in British Columbia

I heard that Return-It Depots will no longer accept milk or milk substitute containers?

Since May 19, 2014, the collection and recycling of all milk containers has been transferred to a new program operated by Recycle BC.

How can I find out if my area accepts milk containers under the Recycle BC program?

Visit Recycle BC

When recycling at home, can I place milk containers in my curbside recycling?

In those areas which have curbside recycling collection, you may place all milk containers (both plastic jugs and cartons) in your blue box, blue bin or bag for pickup.  Or you can contact Recycle BC for more information.

Why is there no deposit/refund for milk containers like there is with beverage containers?

Any milk or milk substitute containers are not covered by the Return-It system and do not have a deposit fee. Milk containers are specifically excluded from the deposit/refund system by legislation. See the Recycling Regulation at