Recycling Tips for Event Organizers

British Columbians do a fine job of recycling beverage containers in their homes, but we need your help to make it easier for them to recycle their containers at your festivals or events. Providing beverage container recycling at your event is as important as providing toilets. Plus it will add a green tone to the occasion.

Here are some options:

  1. As a straightforward fundraising opportunity, put out your own bins, take the containers to a Return-It™ Depot and collect the entire deposit refund. Check with your local depot to discuss their range of services. To find depot locations and contact information, visit

  2. Contribute to a good cause effortlessly. Depending on the size and timing of the event, the Salvation Army or United We Can may be available to provide bins and manage the return of the containers. When working with the Salvation Army, any deposit refund recovered from the collected containers is taken as a donation to their cause. In the case of United We Can, half of the deposit refund is returned to the event/organizer and half is donated to their charity.

  3. Hire a mobile service provider to service the event. They'll provide the bins and take away all the beverage containers at the end. This is a hassle-free way of dealing with the containers and requires little effort on your part. Find a mobile service provider.