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Gov't Liquor Store - Bella Coola

NOTICE: Liquor stores are not accepting liquor, beer, or other refundable alcohol containers for refunds at this time. As an alternative, please check our location map at to find the nearest open Return-It Depot.

624 Cliff Street, Bella Coola, BC  V0T 1C0

Accepted at this location:

  • Beverage Containers

    Encorp Pacific (Canada)

    Beverage container volumes collected through our province-wide network of Return-It Depots continues to grow creating excellent Business and Career opportunities.

  • Beer Containers

    Brewers Distributors Ltd.

    Refillable glass beer, cider & cooler bottles and metal beverage alcohol cans.

Beverage containers accepted:

  • encp_icon_liq-plastic-sm.gif

    Liquor Plastic

    Caps on, labels on
    Size CRF Fee Deposit / Refund
    0 – 1L 10¢
    Over 1L 20¢

    The familiar plastic bottles, including coolers and some spirits.

    Recycled into

    Over 75% of the plastic bottles sold are returned. The bottles are power-washed, then shredded, then power-washed again. From there, the shredded material is sold to companies who pull, stretch and meld the shreds into fibre for new bottles and buckets. Recycling plastics uses about 1/3 less energy than manufacturing new plastic.
  • encp_icon_nrbc2.gif

    Liquor Glass

    Caps on, labels on
    Size CRF Fee Deposit / Refund
    0 – 1L 14¢ 10¢
    Over 1L 18¢ 20¢

    The wine, spirits, imported beer and coolers in glass bottles.

    Recycled into

    Of all the glass bottles sold in BC, 93% are returned. These bottles are ground down into small pieces called "cullet" and used in the manufacturing of a variety of things such as fibreglass insulation, sandblasting material and even sand for golf-course sandtraps. Ground glass can also be added to asphalt in the making of new roads.
  • encp_icon_bib-wine.gif


    Alcohol - Leave Bag in Box
    Size CRF Fee Deposit / Refund
    Over 1L 20¢

    Large "bags" of wine in a cardboard carton, usually with a spigot for in-fridge use.

    Recycled into

    The plastic in these containers is separated out and can be mixed with other types of plastic to make park benches, bins and other sturdy products.

Additional recyclables: