Return-It Express Tips

Return-It Express is the fast and easy way to return your refundable beverage containers. Learn here some great tips and tricks for using Express and how to reap maximum benefits of the program.

  • It Does Not Require Any Sorting

    Simply bring your bags filled with unsorted registered containers to an Express Depot, and we'll do the rest.

  • No Counting

    Forget about counting beverage containers. We will count them for you.

  • No Line-Ups

    Express is quick. Just label your bags and drop them off at the Express window1.

Express Tips

In addition, if you want to reap the maximum benefits of Express, here’re some great tips and tricks for you.

  • Express Tip #1 – Ten Business Days

    Returned some empties with Express? It can take up to 10 business days for the money to appear in your online account.

  • Express Tip #2 – Banking Info

    No matter what, we’ll never ask for your banking information. Pinky swear.

  • Express Tip #3 – Interac

    How do you redeem the deposit refunds that are in your online account? Do it in a cinch with Interac e-Transfer.

  • Express Tip #4 – Do Not Flatten

    Don’t flatten or crush your milk or plant-based containers. This ensures your deposit can be refunded.

  • Express Tip #5 – Clear/Transparent Bags

    When recycling with Return-It Express, make sure to use clear or transparent bags of under 90-litre capacity and put only a maximum of 12 glass bottles in each bag to prevent breakage.

  • Express Tip #6 – Location

    On your way out? Add recycling to your trip! You can find an Express depot near where you’re headed at

What our customers say about Express

Watch the video below to find out.

1Some Express depots have the new scan-in feature, which results in longer wait times. Visit Express Drop-Off Scan for more information on the upgrade.