The Plan in a nutshell

During the five year term of the 2006 Stewardship Plan, Encorp will continue to refine and expand the strategies and elements which have contributed to this recycling success story.

In addition, this Stewardship Plan outlines new initiatives which will address the niche markets and specialized circumstances which do not respond well to the core program.

Encorp will also continue to be a leader among industry product stewardship agencies in its interaction with the public and with all levels of government, in the transparency of its operations and in its efforts to fulfill the environmental expectations of the people of British Columbia.

First, some historical perspective

Encorp Pacific Inc. was established In March, 1994 to provide a common collection system for used beverage containers covered by provincial deposit regulation.

The company, owned by the major retail grocery companies and the producers of the carbonated soft drinks covered by the regulation, provided transportation services to collect and recycle all brands of containers from major grocery stores. Encorp also began to establish a network of privately-owned depots designed to divert consumer container returns away from retail stores.

In 1997, the provincial government created a new Beverage Container Stewardship Program Regulation expanding the deposit program to include all ready-to-drink beverage containers, with an exemption for milk and milk substitutes.

Encorp Pacific (Canada), was federally incorporated as a not-for-profit, product stewardship corporation in October 1998. The Board of Directors includes representation from the refreshments, grocery, juice, and water sectors as well as two unrelated directors with no connection to either the beverage or grocery sectors.