Navigating the Complete Stewardship Plan cont.

Compliance with Encorp’s Mandate

The principles which govern Encorp Pacific’s operations (Section C) are listed below. For details about how the plan is in compliance with these principles please refer to the appropriate page:

  1. Develop and operate a system which provides consumer-friendly and convenient return points throughout the province. (page 25)
  2. Manage the system in a cost-effective manner that has the lowest impact on consumer shelf prices. (page 26)
  3. Run a cost-based system in which each container type pays its own costs with no cross-subsidization. (page 27)
  4. Divert used products from land fill and incineration. (page 28)
  5. Find useable end products which maximize the value of the recovered commodities. (page 28)

General System Description

For the General System Description as required by the Recycling Regulation (Section D) please refer to the appropriate page as indicated below:


If you are interested in the detail of our public outreach process or a summary of the consultation comments and input please refer to the following sections within the plan.