Navigating the Complete Stewardship Plan

To facilitate finding the information you are looking for within the complete Stewardship Plan, we have included below a guide to key sections with page numbers.

Stewardship Business Plan Principles

For details on how the Encorp Pacific Beverage Container Stewardship Plan is in alignment with the Ministry of Environments Stewardship Business Plan Principles (Section A), please reference the pages as listed below:

Principle 1: Producer/User Responsibility (page 11)
Responsibility for waste management is shifted from general taxpayers to producers and users

Principle 2: Level Playing Field (page 11)
All brand owners for a particular product category are subject to the same stewardship responsibilities

Principle 3: Results-based (page 14)
Programs focus on results and provide brandowners with the flexibility to determine the most cost-effective means of achieving the desired outcomes with minimum government involvement

Principle 4: Transparency and Accountability (page 14)
Open program development process provides all stakeholders the opportunity for input

Approval Criteria for Stewardship Plans

The sections listed below give detail with regard to the plan’s compliance with the Approval Criteria for Stewardship Plans as outlined in the Recycling Regulation (Section B):