2B) School Program

Encorp provides on-line school programs and recycling initiatives to educate young consumers and encourage the habit of recycling at an early age. Since the inception of the program, Encorp has sent out over 1440 bins to different schools in B.C. Over 3 million containers have been collected annually from registered schools. Currently 78% of BC’s public schools participate in the recycling program. Each year about 400 schools compete in our on-line contest for cash prizes and other incentives. Since its inception Encorp has paid over $1.1 million in deposit values to participating schools.

Goal: The delivery of high visibility, high impact, sustained consumer education and awareness programs through the use of mass media, in-depot promotion and outreach to K-12 public schools.

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2C) Return-It @ Work Pilot Program

Workers in offices and other commercial establishments are less likely to separate beverage containers for recycling if facilities are not provided. In 2006, we surveyed 700 offices within the City of Vancouver and found that 200 did not have an organized beverage recycling program. We started an outreach program to these offices offering recycling bins and pick up services via a web based registration system.

Goal: Ensure that sufficient awareness and collection infrastructure is in place to create incentives for businesses in high density office buildings to collect beverage containers.

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