Requirements for Large Volume Generators

Minimum Pick Up Quantities and Scheduling

Pick-ups take approximately 1 week.

Metro Vancouver, Greater Victoria and Kelowna Regions:

  • Minimum pick up quantity: 3 Pallets
  • These picks ups will be scheduled on an as-needed basis.

Interior, Kootenay, Northern BC Regions:

  • Minimum pick up quantity: 5 Pallets
  • We will attempt to consolidate loads and pick up products as quickly as possible.
  • These loads will be coordinated with others to make sure that they are picked up in as efficient manner as possible.

Sorting Requirements

We ask that large volume generators sort the products into specific product types. These product types are:

  1. Display Devices (Flat screens on top)
    • TVs
    • Computer monitors
  2. CPUs, Laptops and Servers (Laptops on top)
  3. E-Bag Products
    • Portable Audio Video Products
    • Cellular, Telephones and Answering Machines
    • Computer and Video Gaming Peripherals
    • Audio Video, Gaming Products and Musical Instruments
    • Printing Products and Multifunction Devices
    • Other IT Devices
    • All-in-one and Floor-Standing Products
    • Electronic Toys

These are the only products that are included in this program at this time. All other products are excluded and are not to be included in any of the pallets handled by Encorp Pacific.

For a full list of acceptable items, please visit

If you have any questions regarding specific products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Packaging and Palletization

Encorp Pacific asks that you build the pallets to the following specifications:

  • Display devices (TVs and computer monitors) should be palletized between 5' and 5'5" high
  • Computers, CPU's and laptops should be palletized between 5' and 5'5" high
  • E-Bag products (see above) are to be placed into E-bags. Please do not pack higher than the side walls of the E-bag container

Pallet Wrapping

Please use a minimum of 30 revolutions per pallet and please make sure that the pallet wrap is wrapped around the base onto the pallet.


Please contact the Electronics Co-ordinator  for pick up information and scheduling.

Encorp Pacific (Canada)
Phone: 604-473-2445

Our program is being designed so that products handled in an environmentally sensitive manner, not exported to third-world countries, with confidence these products are recycled to strict environmental and safety standards.