Ironwood Bottle & Return-It Depot

June 19, 2010 2:00PM - 6:00PM

Jeff and the hard working staff at the Ironwood Bottle & Return-It Depot were relieved when Return-It Man showed up.

“Wheuf, we're so glad you made it today Return-It Man” sighed the Depot Staff

“What seems to be the bother?” asked the concerned Super Hero

“Well, we're swamped here at the depot and we've got all these handouts to give to the surrounding community. You see we're concerned that everyone still doesn't know about the Return-It Electronics program.” replied Jeff “We thought that, after you'd spun the Prize Wheel, danced a little bit, high fived our customers and waved to the cars for a bit on the Highway that maybe you'd be up for saving the planet from being swallowed up by unwanted electronics”

“All in a days work” said Return-It Man as he suited up for fun

Before you could say 'out of date hard drive', Return-It Man was at the local mall making sure that not only the customers knew about the Return-It Electronics program, but that business owners knew as well. “After all, businesses often have a lot of electronics!” mentioned Return-It Man as he helped a customer unload a TV from her truck. “But don't worry you're in good hands. Return-It Depots like Ironwood here make BC one of the best places for recycling in the world."

“Wow, thanks” replied a regular customer

“Don't thank me Jimmy; it’s hard working recyclers like you that make BC such a great place to live."

“My name's Dave”

“I forgive you” replied Return-It Man with a smug grin

Thanks Ironwood for letting us help you spread the recycling cheer!

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