Data Security

Before you bring your computer to a Return-It Electronics collection site to be recycled please ensure that you have wiped your personal data from the hard-drive.

Proper disposal of bank statements, personal identification numbers, and other sensitive information requires shredding. The same principle holds true for the disposal of digital data.

For your own personal security, you need to take adequate steps to ensure that no private data remains on your electronic products prior to donation or return to a collection site. Once an electronic item has been delivered to an authorized Encorp Return-It Electronics Collection Site it will not be reused and all items collected will be recycled. When you recycle your unwanted electronics, every effort will be made to ensure the privacy and security of any personal information; however the Return-It system, Encorp and EPRA does not accept any liability for any data that remains on your electronic products.

Methods of Data Deletion:

Hard Drive - Data Wiping

Pressing the delete key on your computer does not necessarily mean that information on your hard drive is permanently deleted. Traces of documents or files can potentially be recovered unless they are completely rendered unreadable by wiping or destroying the hard-drive. Here are some ways you can protect your data before sending your computer to be recycled.

Wikipedia maintains a list of data-erasing software but EPRA neither supports nor recommends any of these specific options.