Frequently Asked Questions

What's New

Q: What's new?

The electronics stewardship program is consistently including new products like electronic toys. Among the newly accepted consumer products are remote control vehicles, ride-on toys and electronic dolls.  For the full list please visit

Q: What are the acceptable electronic items included in the program as of August 1, 2013, and how much are the fees?

Electronic toys can now be recycled free of charge, at any Encorp Return-It ElectronicsTM Collection Site.  Some examples include remote control vehicles, battery powered ride-on toys, electronic dolls and other electronic toys powered by a battery or plug. For the full list please visit

Q: Where can I find a complete list of acceptable products and the EHFs?

For a detailed list, visit

Q: Are CDs, tapes and USB devices, etc. considered a peripheral?

Yes, and these media will be accepted for recycling at Return-It Electronics Collection Sites.

Q: I heard Medical devices are included in the Recycling Regulation. Do Collection Sites accept these products?

Medical electronic equipment for monitoring or treatment is accepted, with the exception devices that have been implanted or exposed to infectious bodily fluids.  Please recognize that Return-It Electronics Collection Sites are not obligated to accept any equipment they feel is unsafe to handle.