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The Return-It collection network is a key to our success

BC has one of the highest beverage container recycling rates in North America – last year almost 80 percent of all beverage containers sold in BC were returned and recycled. One reason for the high recovery rate is the many options that British Columbians have for returning their containers.

The Return-It™ network of over 170 depots across the province is the heart of the system, collecting over 90 percent of recycled containers. Their share of returns continues to grow, in part because today’s depots are consumer friendly, clean, bright and open with large sorting tables.

It is also because today many depots accept a wide range of products for recycling, making them a convenient one-stop location for your recycling needs. For example, over 90 percent of Return-It Depots accept consumer electronics, like computers, TVs and printers, for recycling. Many also accept small appliances, paint, light bulbs and more.

For hotels, offices, restaurants and multi-family buildings, many Return-It Depots and specialized mobile collectors offer a pick-up program, primarily in the Metro Vancouver area. If you live in a townhouse, condominium or apartment, look for the Encorp or Return-It branded collection bins in the garbage or recycling area of your building.

For recycling ‘on the go’, you may have noticed blue beverage container bins in BC parks and various neighbourhoods in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.  These bins are non-locking and designed to be self-serviced by residents or people wanting to receive the deposit refund attached to the containers deposited in the bins. This successful program is continuing to expand to other areas in British Columbia.

Even with this extensive system, BC would not have one of the highest recycling rates in North America without consumers making the decision to do the right thing for the environment.  In the end, the success of the program is because someone made the decision to seek out a way to recycle their beverage container, no matter where they are.

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