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The Bottle Depot - Glanford

Get Directions:

Contact Information:
City: Saanich
4261 Glanford Avenue
V8Z 4B9
Phone: 250-727-7480
Hours of Operation: Mon - Sat 8am-6pm and Sun 10am to 5pm

What we take:

  • Return-It Beverage
  • Return-It Electronics
  • Multi Material BC
* MMBC Restricted - Only non-deposit glass, soft plastic, & Styrofoam accepted

We will MATCH the Prize won in the Return-It School Program!

Mobile Services:
Provide Bins/Containers:
Service Area/Sector:
Accepts "broken" TVs and Computer Monitors: No
Electronics Pick-Up Service: Yes
Beverage Container Pick-Up Service: Yes
Sorting Facility: Yes
Appointment Req'd: No
Provide Bags: Yes
Bag Deposit Req'd: No
Dom. Beer Bottles (each): 10
Dom. Beer Bottles (dozen): $1.20
Dom. Beer Cans (each): 10
Dom. Beer Cans (dozen): $1.20
Refund Accounts: Yes
After Hours Service: Yes
IMG_9390.JPG GlanfordGrandOpening0110_069.JPG GlanfordGrandOpening0110_067.JPG