Textiles Recycling Pilot Program

Every year, the average adult throws out about 81 pounds of clothing and other textiles. In Metro Vancouver alone, 40,000 tonnes of textiles go to the landfill every year making up approximately 5 percent of the region’s municipal solid waste. Be a part of the solution and help make a difference by dropping off old, unused or unloved clothing while dropping off other recyclables at select Return-It depot sites. All textiles collected through the pilot will be distributed to reuse organizations and companies within Western Canada by our partners at Bank & Vogue.

Return-It Textiles accepts: clothing including shirts, dresses, shorts, jeans, undershirts, as well as baby and children’s clothes; footwear including shoes, boots, gym shoes, and slippers; and household textiles including sheets, towels, curtains as well as drapes, blankets and table linens.

About Bank and Vogue
Ottawa-based Bank & Vogue works with suppliers across Canada and the U.S., from thrift stores and manufacturers to large retailers. Leveraging their logistics expertise and a global distribution network, Bank & Vogue is working towards a solution for the ‘Crisis of Stuff’. With increasing awareness of the Circular Economy, they are committed to diverting waste from landfill, and finding new homes and alternative uses for used goods.