Textiles Recycling Frequently Asked Questions

IMPORTANT: Starting June 30, 2022, our depots will no longer be able to accept textiles. The Return-It Textiles program has been discontinued. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Where to donate textiles after June 30, 2022

There are many options for donating used clothing and other textiles, including taking them directly to a Salvation Army Thrift Store. In the Lower Mainland, other options include SPCA Thrift Stores, Union Gospel Mission Thrift Store, and hospital foundation thrift stores. In addition, Big Brothers, Diabetes Canada, and other charities have donation bins set up in various locations.

What will happen to the clothes once they’ve been dropped off at a participating depot? Do they get recycled?

Textiles collected through the program will be distributed to reuse organizations and companies within Western Canada. Any returned textiles that cannot be resold will be recycled and reused to make many different materials like rags, paper, yarn, carpet padding, or insulation. Through the reuse and/or re-purposing of this material, we can all help divert waste in the form of used and unwanted clothing from the landfill.

Can you drop off ripped clothing?

As long as they are clean, ripped and torn clothing can be returned to be recycled and used as rags and other material.

What items are accepted through this program?

Clothing including shirts, dresses, shorts, jeans, undershirts, as well as baby and children’s clothes;

Footwear including shoes, boots, gym shoes, and slippers;

Household textiles including sheets, towels, curtains as well as drapes, blankets and table linens;

Bags, accessories, and sleeping bags.

Where is my nearest Textiles drop-off location?

We encourage the public to visit return-it.ca/textiles/locations for the latest depot locations participating in the program. We will continue to look at expanding textiles to other depot locations throughout BC.