Textiles Collection & Recycling Information

Since 2020, Return-It has partnered with Salvation Army to accept old, unused, or unloved clothing and textiles for re-use and recycling through the Return-It Textiles program. The average adult throws away 81 pounds of used textiles each year - in Metro Vancouver, textiles make up about 5% of the region’s municipal solid waste. Return-It launched its textiles program to offer BC residents a convenient option to extend the life of their textiles and ensure they stay out of our landfills.

With 46 locations and counting across BC, the Return-It Textiles program has diverted over 485 tonnes of used textiles from the landfill since 2019. Offering textiles recycling at Return-It depot locations allows British Columbians to drop off old clothes while they’re at the depot recycling other products, and our partnership with Salvation Army means those who drop-off textiles can be confident that their unused clothing, bed sheets, curtains, shoes, and even sleeping bags are being re-used or recycled.

Currently, Return-It Textiles accepts the following items for re-use and recycling:

  • Accessories and bags
  • Clothing (all types)
  • Curtains
  • General household textiles (towels, blankets, sheets)
  • Shoes and boots
  • Sleeping bags

Old, unused, and unloved textiles collected through the Return-It Textiles program are recycled through Salvation Army Thrift Store’s Earth Stewardship initiative. Through this initiative, Salvation Army lessens the impact of textiles on our environment while raising funds to support its programs, services, and emergency relief efforts.