Registered Brands

Below is a searchable database of acceptable ready-to-drink beverages that can be returned at any Encorp Bottle and Return-It Depot for full deposit refund. This list is updated regularly.

The complete lists may also be downloaded in PDF format here:

All ready-to-drink beverage containers are included in Encorp's Return-It system. This also includes wines, spirits and non-refillable beer and coolers (sold in glass containers). Containers for milk and milk substitutes of all types and sizes are excluded by legislation.

All domestic beer and ciders in refillable bottles, plus any beer in aluminum cans, remain part of the Brewers Distributor Ltd. collection system.

Registered Brands Database Lookup

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Brand Flavour Product Type Container Type UPC Photo
X FOUR - XOXOLAT CHOCOLATE MARTINI Alcohol 750 mL Glass 693996899811  
X FOUR - CHOCOLATE INFUSED VODKA COCKTAIL Alcohol 375 mL Glass 693996800008  
X FOUR - PERCYS OLD FASHIONED LEMONADE Alcohol 375 mL Glass 693996806154  
X FOUR - SUMMER PACK Alcohol 375 mL Glass 693996806062  
X FOUR HANDCRAFTED Alcohol 750 mL Glass 6939968103284  
X-RATED FUSION - BLOOD ORANGE MANGO & PASSION FRUIT Alcohol 750 mL Glass 681425014010  
X-Shot Cran Razz Energy Drink 90 mL PET, Nonrefillable 842885097726
X.O. CAFE - PATRON Alcohol 700 mL Glass 721733000296  
X.O. ORIGINAL MAPLE SYRUP LIQUEUR - MAPLE LEAF Alcohol 750 mL Glass 691928632529  
XAICA LICOR DE JAMAICA - CASA DESTILADORA Alcohol 750 mL Glass 695122000030  
XANADU RESERVE CHARDONNAY 2011 Alcohol 750 mL Glass 9336957000154  
XANGO Juice Mangosteen Juice 750 ml PET, Nonrefillable
XANTE Alcohol 750 mL Glass 7312041799168  
XANTE - PEAR COGNAC LIQUEUR Alcohol 500 mL Glass 7350041950318  
XAVIER CHATEAUNEUF DU PAPE 2015 Alcohol 750 mL Glass  
XAVIER COTES DU VENTOUX 15 Alcohol 750 mL Glass  
Xenergy Big Apple Energy Drink 473 ml Aluminum, Nonrefillable 8624990005  
Xenergy Big Apple Energy Drink 473 ml Aluminum, Nonrefillable 842885098969
Xenergy Cherry Lime Energy Drink 473 ml Aluminum, Nonrefillable 842885098150
Xenergy Citrus Slam Energy Drink 473 ml Aluminum, Nonrefillable 842885098044
Xenergy Lemon Blast Energy Drink 473 ml Aluminum, Nonrefillable 842885097832
XFOUR - BREMNERS BLUEBERRY INFUSED Alcohol 750 mL Glass 693996810380  
XFOUR - BREMNERS BLUEBERRY VODKA Alcohol 375 mL Glass 693996806178  
XFOUR - COLLECTORS GIFT PACK Alcohol 375 mL Glass 693996806123  
XFOUR PERCYS OLD FASHIONED LEMONADE Alcohol 750 mL Glass 693996809124  
XI JIANG JING PIN Alcohol 500 mL Glass 6901481007042  
XI JIU - FIVE STAR Alcohol 500 mL Glass 6901481826858  
XI JIU 1988 Alcohol 500 mL Glass 6901481005710  
XINOMAVRO - ALPHA ESTATE Alcohol 750 mL Glass 5205243311332  
XINYUANZHAI OSMANTHUS PLUM DRINK Plum Soft Drink 1.5 L PET, Nonrefillable 6905069200733