2023 Recycle Beverage Carton Art Contest

Enter for a chance to win a $100 gift card by sharing your recyclable beverage carton drawing with Return-It and Carton Council of Canada!

We're working with the Carton Council of Canada on a mission to increase the awareness of recycling refundable beverage cartons via this BC-wide contest.

All you need to do is share your drawing of any refundable beverage carton, add  “push the straws in” or “keep the caps on” and tag @RecycleCartonsCA and Return-It on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with our contest hashtag #RecycleBeverageCartons.

Hint: You can use our Return-It Gang characters (ie: a juice box in the form of Joyce Box or a milk, plant-based or juice carton in the form of OJ Carton) to help find inspiration for your drawings.

Contest Details

Join the Recycle Beverage Carton Art Contest (the “Contest”) for a chance to win a CAD $100 gift card. The Contest begins on March 1, 2023 at 8:00am PT and ends on March 31, 2023, at 11:59pm PT and is open to BC residents of who have reached the legal age of majority. To participate:

  • Create an original drawing that (i) incorporates the idea of “push the straws in” or “keep the caps on” when recycling beverage cartons and (ii) features an artwork character representing a recyclable beverage carton, wherein the artwork character may be or be based on a Return-It Gang character, such as OJ Carton and Joyce Box, and the recyclable beverage carton may be for juice, milk, or plant-based beverage;
  • Share the drawing on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter along with a message that (i) tags or mentions RecycleCartonsCA and Return-It and (ii) includes the hashtag #RecycleBeverageCartons.

Twenty (20) entrants will be selected by random draw and each such selected entrant will receive a CAD $100 gift card. No purchase necessary. See full rules at the bottom of this page.

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Carton Council Canada


Is there a cost associated in entering this contest?

No purchase is necessary to enter the contest.

What kinds of materials can we use for the drawing?

You may use any creative material, whether it be paint, pencil crayons, or even digital software. Entrants only need to include a drawing of a recyclable beverage carton and incorporate the idea of keeping either caps on or pushing straws in when recycling, either in writing and/or visually as part of the drawing.

What are the social media handles I need to tag?

If you are posting your entry on Facebook, you'll need to tag both @Return-It and @RecycleCartonsCA.

If you are posting your entry via either Instagram or Twitter, you'll only need to tag @Return-It (see our Instagram and Twitter handles above).

Will my contest entry count if I post from a private social media account?

To be eligible to earn an entry in this contest, the social media account you are posting your entry on must be set to public and not private. You are solely responsible for ensuring your applicable account settings are set to be able to receive notification messages, monitoring your account for such notification messages and following all instructions contained in such notification messages that may be received from the sponsors regarding your participation in this contest.