Excluded Alcohol Containers

Currently, refillable domestic beer and cider bottles, plus any beer in aluminum cans, are not part of the Return-It system.

Although they are accepted at all Return-It Depots, deposit refund levels may vary. The photos below identify the types of refillable bottles that are excluded from the Return-It system:

Domestic Beer Products

  • Standard Brown 341ml Beer Bottle used by Molson, Labatt and other domestic breweries
  • Sleeman - 341ml Clear Bottle - All SKUs
  • Granville Island Cream Lager - 330ml Clear Bottle

Domestic Cider and Cooler Products
Some examples:

  • Growers Cider - 341ml - All SKUs
  • Okanagan Cider - 330 ml, 341ml - All SKUs
  • Hawkins Amber Cider - 341ml
  • Vibe Hard Cider - 341ml - All SKUs
  • Mike's Hard, Mike's Not So Hard - 330ml - All SKUs
  • Sting - 330ml - All SKUs
  • California Cooler - 330ml - All SKUs
  • Canada Cooler - 341ml - All SKUs
  • Vex - 341ml - All SKUs
  • Naked Grape Wine Coolers -341ml - All SKUs

Home brew beer and wine bottles are not acceptable as they are not a part of the deposit system.