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September 2014

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Encorp's quarterly newsletter Forum, is provided for Encorp contractors & stakeholders to communicate the latest in what's new in the world of beverage container recycling.

Encorp Pacific Celebrates 20 years!

Pop the birthday bubbly (and return the empty for refund)!

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Return-It to Win It - Get your Contest Ballots in!

Calling all participating Depots!  We need your ballots!

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Encorp Depot Conference & Tradeshow

Encorp will be hosting our 9th Annual Return-It™ Depot Conference “Celebrating 20 Years of Success” at the Sheraton Guildford Hotel on September 23, 2014.

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Packaging and Printed Paper (PPP) Update

The Packaging and Printed Paper Program (PPP) has now been up and running throughout the Province for 3 months.

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Handling Electronics - Cables & Cords

We hope that you have all had a productive summer with the Return-It™ Electronics program. We have seen solid electronics return volumes in the depots throughout the summer.

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Late Summer Reminders from Quality Assurance

With the bright and warm weather we have had across the Province of BC during this summer, many of us have consumed a lot of beverages.

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Big Bags

The Big Bag (BB) is a reusable bulk bag system for the collection and shipping of used beverage containers (UBCs) by Encorp’s depots.

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Depot Supplies

Encorp big  bags are provided to the depots for the packaging and shipping of Encorp Materials.

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Return-It to Win It 2015 Sneak Preview

Take a look at what's happening for next year!

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HR Updates

New addition to the Encorp Family

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