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December 2014

Forum Newsletter


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Encorp's quarterly newsletter Forum, is provided for Encorp contractors & stakeholders to communicate the latest in what's new in the world of beverage container recycling.

Message from the President

We are lucky to work in a business where, every day, we are making communities better places for families to live, work and go to school.

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Holiday MA Schedule

During the holiday season, Encorp’s office will be closed on the certain days

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Return-It to Win-It Re-Cap

Every year, Encorp Pacific helps participating Depots raise awareness and increase volume through the popular Return-It to Win-It contest.

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Return-It School

 The popular Return-It School Program is back!

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Return-It School Recycling Program Opens Up a World of Possibilities

Return-It School is about more than just recycling beverage containers.

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Beverage Statistics

Beverage Recovery Rate

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Electronics Update

As we move into 2015, it is important to reflect on the successes of the end-of-life electronics program.

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Snow Removal

The winter season has arrived!

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Online Depot Assessment Application

Depot Owners: An online assessment form is on our website.

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Depot For Sale

When a depot is in the process of being sold the transaction can not be completed without Encorp’s consent.

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Return-It Express Yaletown Now Open!

Total Express volume since inception is almost up to 1 million containers and over 1,500 registered customers!

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POR Technology Update

Throughout the year (2014) Encorp has been performing internal and external reviews of the “Blue Can” point of return (POR) system developed by Yellow Environmental in Newfoundland

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Big Bags Phase In Timeline

Encorp began the Big Bag program in 2009

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PPP Program Sailing Along

2,565 Metric Tonnes of Packaging and Printed Paper products in just under 6 months!

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Quality Assurance: Starbucks Blended Coffee Drinks

Starbucks Coffee Blended Drinks (Frappuccino Ready to Drink) are not acceptable for deposit refund.

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Movember at Encorp

The annual Movember Campaign is all about bringing back the moustache!

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HR Update

New addition to the Encorp Family:

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