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June 2014

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Encorp's quarterly newsletter Forum, is provided for Encorp contractors & stakeholders to communicate the latest in what's new in the world of beverage container recycling.

Depot Conference 2014 - Save the Date!

Be part of the excitement as we Celebrate 20 Years of Success!  Engage with Return-It Depot operators and the Encorp team, share insights and find out what is happening in the recycling industry.

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High School Recycling Program - Winners Announced

Year after year, BC schools work hard at recycling their empty beverage containers.  This article announces the results of the High School recycling program.

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Beverage Containers Year to Date Statistics

Beverage statistics for the first quarter.

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Customers Love Express

Encorp recently conducted a survey of over 400 express users.  The results were astoundingly positive.

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Return-It Express, Yaletown, Vancouver

Encorp’s Return-It Express Yaletown location is one step closer to opening its doors.

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Return-It to Win-It 2014 is Underway

Return-It to Win-It is back for another summer!

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Advertising Update Summer 2014

Our TV commercials featuring 4 different puppets, representing refundable containers - Plastic, Aluminum, Juice Carton and Drink Box, will be running now until the end of the year.

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Encorp's Ambassador Outreach Team 2014

Consumers recognize our Return-It puppets from our advertising campaign and we want to continue to capitalize on this recognition at events with our “Share Your Stare” photo booth.

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Summer Promotional Items are Here!

Are you looking for a fun way to reward staff, or simply delight your best customers?

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Electronics Collections Year to Date Statistics

All about electronics...

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Electronic Cables and Cords

The successful Return-It Electronics program is now entering its 7th year since inception.

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Tetra vs. Gable Top

Many beverage manufacturers are packing their drinks into a gable top shape tetra box.

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Packaging and Printed Paper (PPP) Update

Further to the March Forum article, the PPP Program is now up and running throughout the Province.

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Enhanced Big Bags

Encorp continues to work with depot owners and operators to improve depot efficiency and space management. 

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Secure Your Real Estate

The building you are operating your depot in might not always be top of mind, that’s ok, but be mindful of the future of your depot location.

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Invitation to attend - Customer Service Training Regional Sessions

You, your managers and staff are all invited to attend the "Return-It Depot’s.. our business is RETAIL and customer service DOES MATTER", session being held in three regions. 

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HR Updates

Some new additions to the Encorp Family:

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