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March 2014

Forum Newsletter


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Encorp's quarterly newsletter Forum, is provided for Encorp contractors & stakeholders to communicate the latest in what's new in the world of beverage container recycling.

Packaging and Printed Paper (PPP) Update

Encorp has been selected as a sub-contractor to Green by Nature to provide the transportation services for the depot collection of MMBC material.

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2013 Volume – Beverage Container Recovery Trend

Container collection volume statistics and trend information

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Return-It Electronics Program

Electronics collection statistics for 2013

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Return-It Milk Program

All about milk.

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Express Update

Express is now past its first quarter in the pilot program.

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Welcome To The Network - Vancouver West Return-It Depot

Vancouver West Return–It™ Depot opened its doors to a thriving Vancouver community on February 6th 2014.

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Customer Service coming to a town near you

With the interest and success of the new customer service initiatives, Encorp will be taking the show on the road.  

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Newly Certified 5 Star Return-It Locations

 5 Star Congratulations!

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2013-2014 School Program Update

With even more schools enrolled, Return-It School 2013/2014 is in full swing and already increasing volumes at Return-It Depots. You can benefit through your active support!

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Get Ready for Return-It™ to Win-It 2014

Recycling Takes You Places!

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Consumer Awareness - Spring

As we look forward to saying goodbye to winter, our Spring marketing campaign rolls out.

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NOTICE: Alcohol Containers Re-Classification, and updates to the acceptable product list

Updates from Quality Assurance and Brand Registry

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HR Updates

We have some new additions to the Encorp family.

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